Dear Fellow Dancers, Leaders, and Friends,

We are moving into a time in our life where we want to turn our energy toward each other. We are truly blessed by God to have a great relationship and look forward to continuing to grow and nurture it. Therefore, we desire and need more time for our relationship with God and for each other.

We have enjoyed our involvement in the Square and Round Dance Activity. For the past 34 years, we have taught and danced around the world. Round dancing has strengthened our relationship, and allowed us to develop friendships, some of them very deep.

Please sit down before you read further:

We have decided to begin the process of our retirement from leadership in Round Dancing. We intend on continuing to dance and attend events around the country for the foreseeable future. However, we have come to the realization that we entered this activity as dancers, and we desire to return to our beginning as dancers.

Here are the details and timeline of our retirement from teaching:

Local Clubs and Party Dances

·         Wednesday, April 20 will be the last Carousel Club 228 dance. The times will be 7:00-9:30. This will be a free dance for all who attend.

·         Sunday, April 23 will be the last Sunday Stylers dance. The times will be 5:00-7:30. This will be a free dance for all who attend.

·         Future Friday party dances are cancelled

Local Festivals and Special Events

·         The Fiesta La Danza will take place as planned on April 28-29, 2017. We look forward to seeing everyone. This festival will not continue after this year.

·         We will still do dance programming and scheduling for the Centex RD Festival this year.

·         There will not be a New Year’s Eve Party this year.

·         The 2018 Houston RD Festival with Rey and Sherry Garza will be held as planned. This will be the final Houston RD Festival unless another party steps up to continue it.

·         The 2018 Pot of Gold Festival will continue through 2018.  This will be the final Pot of Gold unless another party steps up to continue it.

Dance Contracts

·         We have contracts and commitments for teaching and cueing through 2019. We are gladly looking forward to and will fulfill all commitments made to other organizations.

Click here to view a list of Our bookings through 2019

·         We may consider a limited number of new engagements that are geared toward instruction or sharing our knowledge.

Dance Organizations

·         We will continue our membership in Roundalab as long as we have teaching commitments.

·         We will continue our membership in ICBDA for the foreseeable future.

Private Lessons

·         We will continue to offer private lessons for both Social and Round dancing for the next few years.

Home Improvement Business

·         Our Home Improvement Business will continue for the foreseeable future.

We realize that this information will be a shock to you. We realize how deeply our decisions may impact you. It is always difficult to make life changes and to say goodbye to familiar lifestyles.

At the same time, please realize that we are excited about what the future holds for us. Being able to spend more time with God, each other, our family and friends is compelling and holds great opportunity.

We intend on continuing to dance and attend events around the country for the foreseeable future. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor as fellow dancers.

Thank you for your support, your friendship, and your understanding. Each of you has been a blessing to us and we are thankful for the impact and blessing you have had on our life.

May God bless each of you as He as blessed us.

Mark and Pam Prow



Updated 10/17/2017

Upcoming Events

November 3-4
Tammany Twirlers  Festival – Slidell, LA


Jan 5-6  
Rhythm Records Winter Festival – Waco, TX
Feb 2-3
Houston Festival with Garzas – KC Lodge 2917, Houston, TX
March 16-17
Pot of Gold Festival with Pates – KC Lodge 2917, Houston, TX
April 1-5
Cham S&RD College with Rotscheids, Worlocks – Cham, Germany
Sept 9-14
Accent on Rounds with Kincaids and Worlocks – Fontana, NC
Oct 14-21
Rhythm Records Caribbean Cruise – Galveston

April 5-7  ORDA Festival – Wagoner, OK