Dance Name Rhythm Phase Date Released Cuesheet Video
Perfect Hesitation Canter V April, 2018 PDF MP4
You Are My Love Waltz IV March, 2018 PDF MP4
Rise Rumba III January, 2017 PDF MP4
Lido Shuffle Jive V May, 2016 PDF MP4
Temptation Tango III+2 March, 2016 PDF MP4
You're My World Hestitation Canter VI March, 2016 PDF MP4
Company Store Foxtrot IV+2 October, 2015 PDF MP4
Call Me Foxtrot V July, 2015 PDF MP4
Alone Bolero IV+1 March, 2015 PDF MP4
Beach of Solenzara Rumba IV+2 February, 2015 PDF MP4
Serenade of Love Tango V+2 November, 2014 PDF MP4
Song of the Seashore Waltz IV+1+1 March, 2014 PDF MP4
Cute Girl Tango V+2+2 October, 2013 PDF WMV
Midnight Cowboy Hesitation Canter IV May, 2013 PDF WMV
Coco Beach Foxtrot VI May, 2013 PDF WMV
Bend Me (re-release) Two Step II+2 April, 2013 PDF  
Every Day I Love You 4 Bolero IV+1 March, 2013 PDF  
Still Stuck on You Jive V February, 2013 PDF  
Bill & Martha Buck Tribute Mixed V October, 2012   WMV
Every Day I Love You Bolero VI October, 2012 PDF WMV
Unforgettable Foxtrot VI July, 2012 PDF WMV
She's My Kind of Girl Foxtrot IV March, 2012 PDF WMV
Hideaway Tango Tango III+1 January, 2012 PDF WMV
I Love You Hesitation/Canter Waltz V+2 May, 2010 PDF WMV
Foxy Ritz Foxtrot III May, 2010 PDF  
Unbelievable Waltz V+2 December, 2009 PDF  
Have You Ever Hesitation/Canter Waltz V April, 2009 PDF WMV
Mustang Sally West Coast Swing VI November, 2008 PDF WMV
This is Your Song Hesitation/Canter Waltz IV November, 2008 PDF WMV
Lady M Cha III November, 2008 PDF WMV
Do You Want to Dance Two-Step II November, 2008 PDF  
Teaberry Shuffle Quickstep IV+0+1 April, 2008 PDF  
Rag Mop Two Step II+1 January, 2008 PDF  
Kamin's Song Waltz III+1 January, 2008 PDF  
The Story of My Life Bolero V+1 November, 2007 PDF WMV
Getting to Know You Foxtrot IV January, 2007 PDF  
The Inner Light Waltz V+2 November, 2006 PDF  
Fernando Cha/Rumba IV+2 September, 2006 PDF  
Tijuana Taxi Quickstep IV July, 2006 PDF  
Ghost Riders Paso Doble V May, 2005 PDF  
Pastorale Waltz VI November, 2004 PDF  
All Time High Slow Two Step V July, 2004 PDF WMV
You Light Up My Life Waltz IV February, 2004 PDF  
Waterloo Jive IV+1 February, 2004 PDF  
Fly Me to the Moon Foxtrot VI November, 2003 PDF  
Have I Told You Foxtrot IV+2 October, 2003 PDF  
Dancing in the Street Cha IV+2+1 October, 2003 PDF  
Like I Love You Cha IV+2 July, 2003 PDF  
Every Street's a Boulevard Foxtrot V June, 2003 PDF  
So What's New Quickstep IV+2+1 June, 2003 PDF  
Love Potion West West Coast Swing V+2 May, 2003 PDF  
Draggin the Line West Coast Swing V+2 November, 2002 PDF  
Foxy Jones Foxtrot V+2 July, 2002 PDF  
Music Cubed Quickstep IV+2 November, 2001 PDF  
Is It Over Yet Two-Step II+1 December, 1994 PDF  
When Will I Waltz V+2 June, 1993 PDF  
Rainy Cha Cha Cha V September, 1992 PDF  
Dancing Queen Cha Cha IV May, 1989 PDF