Dancing is a great activity that frees the soul and allows personal expression of your emotions. One of the great joys of dancing is the ability to share your emotions with someone you care about and at the same time having loads of fun. Our group lessons are taught on a wood floor at the KC Hall at 607 E. Whitney in Houston (just north of the North Loop and I-45 at Airline). Dress is casual and leather soled shoes are recommended.

We offer private lessons at all levels of expertise.

Private Lessons

If you want to learn more about dancing on a more individualized perspective, private lessons may be for you. With private lessons on an individual, couple, or two couple basis, you will learn in an environment tailored to your specific needs. Even though one private lesson costs more than group lessons at a dance club, the information gathered is usually equivalent to 3-5 group lessons, since the information is structured to your abilities and desires. All things considered, it is the quickest and most assured method of improving your dance ability and expertise level. Private lessons are a good choice for a bride and groom wishing to dance to a particular song at their wedding, or for couples just wishing to improve execution, body position, leading and following.